Laughter Yoga - Laughter Therapie

Scientific approach in SLOVENIA. In the link with ENGLISH SUBTITLES you can find interview with SIMONA KREBS and doc.dr. BENO ARNEJČIČ, where you can get a lot of inforamation about laughter yoga, laughter therapie, what is laughter, researches, why is laughter as jogging, why is laughter short way to the deep breathing, how is this conecting with the relaxing, why we are using this as a complementary therapie and not as spiritual technics, evidence based approach to laughter, humor....and a lot more. Interview was on october 2013 on national TV Slovenia 1.

dobr ura
Interview with Simona Krebs master of nursing, laughter yoga teacher and with doc.dr. Beno Arnejčič
Published on nacional TV SLO 1, October 2013